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Paper Province's overall objective is to generate growth in the region and to be of as much use as humanly possible to our member companies. We do this through initiatives that strengthen collaboration, help members with project development, marketing, business intelligence and supply of competence. The effect is that member companies' businesses evolve, creating synergies and our regional sector is made visible for policymakers and society at large.

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2013 we helped to pull in 65 million SEK to the County of Varmland over the next ten years. Together with regional funds, it provides a total of about 130 million to be used to promote regional innovation in forest-based bio-economy.

By being a member of Paper Province you are included in a context that has a positive effect on your company’s development and profitability. An independent survey shows that the member companies has significantly higher growth than other companies in the region. While the county had a growth of 3% between 2007-2011, the cluster companies presented a growth of 30% over the same time period. A growth that surely has its basis in the good cooperation and business relations cultivated between the member companies. And the more companies we become, the more we can accomplish together. Strong clusters have the greatest chances of winning project proposals.


We help our members to find and establish international business contacts. Last year, one of our member companies went with us to a match-making event in Japan, where they established valuable contacts and did business.


A popular part of our services is the meeting places we arrange for members. Meetings, seminars, fairs and workshops where you have the opportunity to establish new business contacts and discuss pressing issues of the industry. Recurring events are for instance cluster lunches – always with interesting speakers, well cooked food and plenty of time to converse with colleagues. Other major events that we arrange are Paper Makers Night 2 times / year, Environment & Energy Summit for the forest industry and regular energy meetings.


Need help or support with innovation and development? We can help you find funding, expertise, writing applications and building consortia. With expertise, we can support you in the innovation process. We organize seminars and workshops to help innovators develop their ideas. In addition, we can help you get in touch with experts in a particular field. Several companies have, for example, made use of our offer to borrow a professor for a day, to help with problem solving in their operations.


Without skilled personnel, our industry has no future. Therefore, we work in close cooperation with schools and universities to ensure that current programs match the industry’s future needs.

We inform young people and students about the available career paths and arrange student field trips with visits to spark their interest in the industry.


As a member you get your own page on our website, which in 2013 was visited 45,727 times by 28,115 unique visitors. There you have the opportunity to publish job advertisements and press releases to help you reach a wider audience. We also have other channels of communication that we can use to spread information about you and your products or services. For example, our newsroom on MyNewsdesk, which reach the entire Swedish press corps, as well as a large part of the international press corps. Recently, for example, we helped a member company to write and publish a series of press releases that generated articles in local newspapers as well as trade magazines in Sweden and abroad. We also engage in public debate through opinion articles and lobbying, to create the best possible conditions for the entire industry.

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  • 1-3 employees – 5000 SEK
  • 4-10 employees – 6500 SEK
  • 11-25 employees – 10.000 SEK
  • 26-50 employees – 18.000 SEK
  • 51-100 employees – 26.000 SEK
  • 101-400 employees – 37.000 SEK
  • >401 employees – 50.000 SEK


In addition to the range of services that members of Paper Province have access to, you also have the opportunity to use a number of discounts we have negotiated:

  • As a member, you can book the Värmland office in Oslo, free of charge. This gives you access to a meeting room for 6-8 people, with presentation equipment and internet access.
  • Favourable discounts on accommodation and conference rooms in all Nordic Choice Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic countries.
  • Favourable discounts on Elite Hotels in Karlstad and Sweden.
  • Favourable discounts on lodging and meeting package at Scandic Hotels in Sweden.
  • Dömle Manor offers our member companies a favourable discount on conference package.
  • EFG Office Furniture in Karlstad offers our member companies good conditions for office furniture, furnishing, installation and consulting.