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Paper Province was founded in 1999 by seven companies that had the same need to recruit qualified staff. Through the years, we have initiated actions to strengthen the entire regional economy and the provision of skills within our industry. We have strengthened technology development and energy efficiency, and we have won a number of awards. We have brought young people to our industry and generated thousands of articles in both regional, national and international media. We have also helped many innovators to develop and commercialise their ideas.


Paper Province (PP) was founded in 1999. The association is owned and governed by around a hundred member companies. Among the member companies you will find all the worlds major suppliers of pulp and paper machinery, a quarter of Sweden’s pulp and paper mills and a number of small and medium suppliers.

Our member companies represent the entire value chain and surrounding services sector and is active in more than 100 countries.

This region has more than 200 companies linked to this industry, which is unique. No other region in the world has that much expertise accumulated in the forest industry. Therefore, much of the technology used and installed on pulp and paper mills worldwide originates from here.

A well developed business cluster like PP is likely to contribute to the region’s overall growth and helps link our region to the global market of products, services, people, capital and ideas.

The more PP is visible in the world, the more people, companies and investors come here to our region. Many of our member companies have moved their offices here to the “province”, where world leading products and knowledge are readily available. External measurements show that the Paper Province work leads to new products and services, increased sales and more jobs.


1999 The Paper Province was started as a project of seven companies to collaborate around supply of competence.

2003 The Paper Province is converted into an organization with more than 20 member companies.

2003 Started the Technology Club The Lusten of Värmland Museum, to ignite technological interest in general and paper technology in particular among the young.

2004 The Karlstad Technology Center a big investment in higher education was inaugurated in a PPP project in cooperation between Karlstas Municipality and Paper Province.

2004 Paper Province started The Packaging Greenhouse AB. The subsidiary bought a pilot machine from Metso Paper Karlstad. In this freestanding industrial environment customers can test drive various base materials and hone their skills with the help of customized and process-related training courses.

2005 Paper Province is one of the initiators of the project, the Packaging Arena – an innovative environment for consumer-driven packaging development. 2015 Paper Province and Packaging Arena decided to merger to win mutual benefits.

2007 Paper Province was appointed one of the “Top European Clusters in High Innovation Regions” – the only one in Sweden. It was the European Cluster Observatory, which audited the 2110 clusters in 230 countries.

2007 The Paper Province project “The Energy Square” – A new international center for energy efficiency in the pulp and paper industry. An important link between universities, institutes and companies.

2010 Paper Province was named a European world-class cluster, and ended up at the 100-list of the best clusters in the world, now with 90 member companies.

2013 Paper Province was named one of the winners in The Swedish Innovation Agency, VINNOVAS’ competition among regions, called “Vinnväxt”. The price was approximately 130 million over ten years to invest in a regional forest based bio-economy.

2014 The Paper Province is renamed Paper Province and change the statutes so that the association’s aim now is to be a leading global player in forest-based bio-economy.

2015 Paper Province merges with the Packaging Arena and win significant expertise in packaging development.